Chronosport, Inc. is the front runner in manufacturing diving watches. These watches are all chronographs providing added functions aside from accurate time telling. Chronosport started in several years ago and these are now considered vintage pieces. It is an American watch company with watches still circulating around the market. During those times, the company found the need of high quality and advanced watches that would accompany divers in their extreme activities. Chronosport watches are built with the best durable materials to be able to resist greater pressure under water. Chronosport

Chronosport watches undergo developments as the world modernizes. Watches were made with high grade Japanese technology with their Quartz movement. Stainless steel was utilized on these watches for greater durability. These made the watches affordable yet carry the same quality as with those other movements. Their famous Sea Sport line became the big name during those times. These include the Neon Series, The Islander and The Neptune collections.

The three collections were raved by several watch lovers and adventurers because of their affordability and quality. Each collection has its own description making it useful in a certain activity. The Neon Series features it electroluminescent technology that makes it highly visible up to 100 feet below. These are even best during night time. These may come in a leather strap or metal bracelet. The Islander has a touch of classic. It is water resistant up to 10 ATM and perfect for land adventures. The Neptune is the mechanical line without the need of batteries. It has a transparent back case to fully view the self-winding movement crafted with 21 jewels.

Aside from the Sea Sport, the company has also produces several collections. These were the Sea Quartz, Oceanus and Mini Quartz. You can check the details of their collection at,_inc.

Another of their famous and earliest collection is the Chronosport Under Demolition Team (UDT).l This was produced in the late 1970’s and consists of scuba watches. These were run by Miyota 652 Quartz Analog movement. All stainless steel and covered with chromium for a dark and matte black appearance. These were water resistant reaching up to 20 ATM. These watches are great collector pieces. Until now, they still work and bear the vintage looks.

The UDT was one reason by the watch company became famous. These watches were provided to the US military, Special Forces and UDTs. Chronosport didn’t prove to be only about diving watches but bore the quality to go with every operation. Another feature of the watches is to display both analog and digital time. Their robust design completes the whole package of the watches.Chronosport_watch

Chronosport watches make a legend in the watch making industry. These pieces are rare making them valuable collector items. Even in the 70’s, such great quality watches were developed providing the most accurate time needed by man. You can check out more about Chronosport watches at With these chronographs, you can appreciate the watch making skills the makers exerted to create them. These are truly timeless pieces that could survive for several years.


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