ChromachronIt was in 1971 when a rare and unique colorful watch was produced. It was known as the Chromachron by Kristian Harlan. The Chromocron made a big hit because it disputes the conventional time telling with numbers and hands. Chromacron watches tell time with the use of colors. There’s a disk that rotate showing one color every hour. You’ll know what hour is it but not the exact time. It was also a Swiss watch bearing the quality and standard of Swiss technology.

Kristian Harlan was an Engineer who came from Berlin. With his skill in mechanics, he designed the Colour-Time watches which were later known to be Chromachron. The brand came from two words Chroma meaning color and Chronos meaning time. His vision was to create a piece with no complication in timekeeping. With just colors representing the hours, life is made simply and easily. These colorful watches became popular around the world because of their uniqueness. During the 80’s several models were created including clocks. Kristian made hundred designs of various styled watches and these were imported to several countries in Europe.

Chromacron watches are not only made for timekeeping but also for freedom and relaxation. Just by looking at the colorful watch you can find relief even in just a second of your busy life. They have anti-stress characteristics that would help the owner feel relieved every time he checks the time. It represents another way of living. These are the total opposite of chronometers giving the most accurate time and information with your every move. With these watches you are more focused on yourself than with the pressure time is giving you.Chromachron_watch


For every hour, there’s a corresponding color to it. Since both day and night have similar 12 hours, the color is adapted for reading both day and night time. 12:00 is yellow. Yellow is the brightest among the color which symbolizes zenith. At 12 noon, the sun is at its peak shining brightly. The gradient that forms between hours is observable. Since 1:00 is orange, the time between 12 and 1 is 12:30 showing a mixture of yellow and orange. As the time nearly approaches 1, the color darkens leading to orange. This also applies to other hours.

Chromacron watches are still circulating until now. Owning this different and extraordinary watch will let you experience the difference of colorful timetelling. Aside from its creativity, they are also stylish pieces through the changing color they depict. Since they are Swiss made, they are durable and precise in detecting time. With every minute, the watch updates time giving you a subtle color change.Chromachron_black

For those who are interested in Chomachron watches, they are available online at They also sell watch parts which may be in need for people who have already own the watch and need some components replaced. These watches run by Swiss mechanical movement and are truly collector pieces. Feel the difference of Colour-Time and live in leisure without sticking to time so much.


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