Balmer Watch

The Balmer family possesses the skill of making watches. They originally live in Geneva Switzerland. The family’s business is creating and repairing watches in the city. Geneva is a known city which is the haven of finest timepieces. Among the innumerable brand is the Balmer watch. In 1800, they have expanded over New York, London and Paris. More and more people become accustomed to these Swiss timepieces because of their classiness.Balmer Watch

Balmer Company didn’t initiate solely the business in watch manufacturing. They only succeeded Badollet, a Swiss brand too. Badollet’s family has been a watchmaker for a long time but their business wasn’t that a success. A long time ago, watch companies who don’t excel in the business were being bought by bigger companies. This is what happened to the all new Balmer. The release of their lines was a success. Progressive developments and enhancements of timepieces were being done to correct past flaws and achieve perfection in all their products.

Watches are still produced based on the same process as done in the past. With the modernization of technology, improvements are applied on their design and manufacturing. Materials used recently are more advanced and durable as of those in the past. The company produces both mechanical and automatic watches. All in all, the focus of Balmer is to create high class design with classic details, on top of that, timepieces that function optimally.

A unique feature of Balmer watches is that they are self-winding. Most but not all, they make use of movement of the arm or kinetic energy to stimulate the watch to work. This occurs due to the mechanism that upon movement, the rotor spins when acceleration is caused by movement. Automatic watches even don’t depend on conventional mechanisms. For added protection, an overwind is placed so in any circumstance, the mainspring won’t break.Balmer Watches

To date, Balmer Swiss watches are prestigious timepieces bearing the tag of perfection. Numerous collections are up for grabs to the public. You have a wide array of lines and styles to choose from. Watches are simply sophisticated with no too much edge. These are perfect for day to day wear and even in formal occasions. For those who want to have a clean and polished look, various styles use gold and stainless steel for attraction. Casual ones come in leather with several colors and nice designs.

Watches may be made from gold or steel. There are some pieces with leather strap paired with gold. The metal used in the case depicts the front face of the watch. A gold watch has a gold case. The brand uses solid gold. It comes in different hues like white and pink. This happens because gold is mixed with other alloys to produce the color. Consumers will have the option to go for white gold and rose gold aside from the traditional gold ones. Although some are plated gold, these watches are made from brass or steel which are then coated with up to 20 microns thick of gold. Other metals like titanium and aluminum are used.Balmer Watch

Visit their official website to have a view of all their collections. All information you need to know are provided including the specific features of every watch. You can contact them through phone or email and their customer service will be pleased to assist you in any way.

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