Alexandre Christie Watch – Facts and General Information

What is an Alexandre Christie watch? Well, this question seems to riddle most individuals who are interested in brand as there seems to be a lack of information that is being given out to the public. Clearly, the company can do a bit more to increase consumer awareness especially since the variety of watches they offer draws in a lot of attention.Alexandre Christie Watch

After furious website digging, forum checking and review reading sadly, the information below is all that seems to aptly describe the company.

“With a legacy of more than half a century in the design and manufacturing of high quality timepieces, Alexandre Christie embodies the essence of passionate design and state of the art watch making…”

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The only other details that were found was that the company is owned by Massindo (HK) Ltd, a Hong Kong based company and was established in 2000. Company history and other details still remain blurred as of this moment.

While the description of their standards in watch making goes on, not much is really known about this particular company as even their main website does not have enough information about the company history, which is relatively important especially if you’re trying to find a watch that you’d be able to trust.

If you, however, are able to get past this, you’ll find that the company does offer a wide array of men and women’s timepieces that can serve both as an accentuation to your fashion or as a functional partner. Alexandre Christie Watches

One particular classification in the Alexandre Christie collection which seems to be getting a lot of attention lately is their “Nightvision” which incorporates tritium gas to create more than 100x the illumination the average luminous watch can generate. According to what was described, the watch will be able to continuously glow for up to 12 years without utilizing any outside power source or charging. The designs available are quite varied as well, allowing it to suit both men and women who are interested.

Aside from the Nightvision, there are three more collections that one will be able to choose from; men’s, women’s and pairs. As with any collection, there will be plenty of options ranging from the classic and elegant up to the heavy duty and functional. Some of the timepieces that come out are also limited in number which means that if they run out, the only other way you’ll be able to get your hands on them would be by purchasing it from others or through online auctions, which in any case will make it more expensive.

All of the watches you’ll find from the collection (regardless of the classification) will be made from solid 316L stainless steel and carry a minimum of 30m water resistance. The company also guarantees 12 months of free replacement and repair if the piece you’ve bought is found defective.

“Your Alexandre Christie wristwatch is a top quality product incorporating the latest and finest Swiss time technology. Made from highly skilled craftsman, your watch comprises of only the highest quality components… “Alexandre Christie

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All in all, an Alexandre Christie watch does sound to be a solid choice if you’re looking for a solid, elegant, and highly functional piece that suits your budget. Take this with a grain of salt however, as you might want to conduct additional research into the company as well as the product that you find interesting in order to determine if it really is what you’re looking for or not.

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