Alba Watch – Timeless Quality and Elegance Combined

The Alba watch, a brand that many are quite familiar and fond with where timepieces are concerned, a company that has proven itself time and again throughout the years by producing top of the line products that stands the test of time and surpass expectations.


A sub brand of the Seiko Watch Corporation which first appeared in 1979, to appeal to younger generations, Alba has risen to earn and establish its own name by producing a variety of stylish, trendy, classic and elegant watches that appeal to both today and the previous generation. Being a sub brand, Alba utilizes Seiko’s own trademark of movements but with added flair and flamboyance.

Generally aimed to cater to Asian markets, the acclaim and recognition the brand has gathered over time has allowed it to be a part of the contemporary lifestyles of young people not just in Asia but also from Europe, USA, and everywhere across the globe. Alba Watch

Having the reputation that it has now, the company follows through with highly innovative products that suit every lifestyle. Currently, individuals will be able to choose from 5 categories in order to get the specific watch that suits their lifestyles. For the guys who love the nightlife, the “Prestige” collection that Alba offers will prove to be the perfect match – offering both personality and appeal without having to be too classy or elegant. Outdoor individuals on the other hand will feel right at home with Alba’s wide selection of “Active” durable, weather resistant, scratchproof watches to keep them informed.

For the ladies, the company’s “Fashion” line of watches is just the thing. Coming in various construction materials and styles, you’re surely be able to find one that will prove to be the perfect match for your personality (as well as dresses) for any occasion be it formal or casual, everyday wear. If you’re looking for something different, the “Flagship” line of Alba will be just the thing. Combining durability with craftsmanship and functionality is the main essence of the Flagship line offering that distinct personality that makes it stand out or blend seamlessly with any of your activities.

Last but certainly not the least, there’s also the “Wired” series of watches which is designed both for men and women who’d want something that is trendy and appealing. Undergoing the same quality construction and precision craftsmanship, the Wired series combines the essence of all the other lines to create something fresh without having to sacrifice any of the company’s core values.

For a company that offers absolute excellence towards each and every one of its watches, Alba truly deserves all the acclaim and prestige that it has gotten over the years. Now entering its 32nd year, Alba has produced more than a million timepieces and has provided countless individuals with affordable, high quality timepieces that they can treasure and keep in their collection forever. Found in almost any reputable retail outlets aside from their own, interested individuals will easily be able to choose and purchase the Alba watch of their liking. By keeping up with innovation, technology and design development, the company will have no problems in providing today’s generation (as well as the next) with timeless quality and elegance.

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