Dubey & Schaldenbrand

Dubey_&_SchaldenbrandDubey & Schaldenbrand is a popular company on Switzerland which was founded by the greatest watch maker, Georges Dubey. Georges was very much interested with moving things and machines when he was still young. He had extreme passion for watches that he worked really hard in pursuing himself to the top. He later became a very good watch master in a school and experienced overflowing success of his own line of watches.


Georges was very cautious in creating such perfect watch. He is meticulous in details that he wants every surface of the watch to look beautiful and flawless. He has a unique mind that he can make designs out of nowhere and can pull them off. Watches, although made of high quality, are deigned to be at the lowest price possible. What’s the use of a watch when it’s very expensive? It’s an irony having to work on a very special piece yet you hinder other buyers to own them because of the price. All are affordably priced and are available to the few since they are produced in limited quantities.


Dubey &Schaldenbrand provides watches to watch lovers that they can own without having many people have the same piece. All watches are limited so you can fully enjoy the difference of these watches. You will be satisfied by the quality of these watches made possible by the exceptional craftsmanship of these makers. Every detail is perfected to its finest. Both modern and traditional designs are comprised by the company to allow clients to own the style they are suited to. Watches come in mechanical and automatic movements with engraftment on them signifying genuineness.


You can choose from various selections of watches. Their available collection is the Museum consisting of several pieces. They have their latest collections which are the Grand Shar DB, Grand Dome DT and Artisans Extreme. These watches really carry prestige in them with elegant and rare designs. There are some models with chronographs if you’re looking for a watch with several functions. You might want to check the Dubey & Schaldenbrand official site at http://www.dubeywatch.com/en/collections.php?COL2=new.


Dubey_&_Schaldenbrand_watchMost Dubey and Schaldenbrand come from their promising feature of being in a tonneau shaped. All make use of stainless steel in the case with authentic leather for the strap. Sapphire crystal glass is well-set by the screws bearing great strength and quality. You can easily tell time because it has anti glare properties and it’s also hard to break and scratch. Watches usually have Arabic numerals. Some models function with the help of solar energy. You can really choose a lot depending on your need and style.


If you are fond of luxurious pieces, Dubey & Schaldenbrand can really provide you with the finest watch. They have classic and modern designs for various uses. Their quality is outstanding providing you with the most accurate time. If you want to buy online, you can make transactions on their official site or at http://www.chrono24.com/en/dubeyschaldenbrand/index.htm. They have available models at very good deals.


DropsColors can really change the mood of a person. By adding a touch of color into a person’s outfit, the whole mood changes. It also adds beauty and interest to anything. Drops watches are colorful timepieces that are perfect for casual wear. They come in bold colors that would totally be of good fit to the wrist. They would instantly be great accessories adding appeal to your outfit. Drops Milano was found in 2006. The name was taken from the popular clothing shop in Italy. The company is based in Beverly Hills and come in unique designs.


Drops watches would really make eye catching piece. Their colors are bold enough that they can be easily seen and noticed. Time keeping is made to be fun. Pieces are created for men and women. They really do make hot and urban watches that could bring difference to a monotonous life. They are also created with outstanding quality so they would last long with continued use.
Watches come in five collections. These are the Celebrity II, Sport, TV, Gum Drops and Candy Drops. The name of the collection are also cute similar to the color each watch represents. For every model, they differ in color and size. It’s up to your favorites to choose one to get. The Celebrity comes in a round dial and looks sexy. The Sport watch resembles sportiness in it. The TV has a square dial that is similar in shape like the TV. Gum and Candy Drops are two of the different employees. They have both digital clocks for easy time telling. The Gum Drops is just like a bracelet made of rubber. It’s the same as of Candy Drops but what’s different is the Candy drops is slimmer in band and color. Check out the available models at their official website at http://www.dropswatches.com. With high grade materials, you can enjoy the components used in them.


Drops_blueDrops watches are guaranteed to be safe and functional. Pieces are created from stainless steel. Polycarbonate is used along with rubber. Movements are powered by Japanese quartz. They are all water resistant up to 99 ft. Pieces may be made from plastic or rubber. The dials may come as the same color with the bracelet or may be different in shade. To easily tell time, the numbers and hands come in white color.
You can really enjoy from the various and models of Drops Milano watches. Whatever your outfit, you can easily pair it with a bold watch to keep you moving and inspired. Having a bold accessory can really enlighten your day and keep you joyful. With their good quality, you can keep track with exact time. Watches are sold at cheap prices. You can easily own them and use them as accessories.


Drops watches have been very popular these days. They’re even considered to be the must-haves of every fashion enthusiast. They are important pieces now in Hollywood. Be bold and confident with Drops Milano watches. You will definitely expect heads turning toward your watch. To read more for reviews, visit http://extratv.warnerbros.com/2007/03/watches.php.


DoxaDoxa was established in 1989 by Geroges Ducommum. It is a famous Swiss brand of fine timepieces. The founder has great experiences with watches making him succeed with his business venture. At the age of 12, he was able to work in a watch manufacturing company. At the age of 20, he was able to open his own business. Through the years, his experiences enabled him to create high quality Swiss watches. He created Doxa and until now are popular automatic watches.

The famous Doxa Sub 300T was among the leading watches of the company. It made use of two great innovations. The watch’s bezel is rotating into one direction. Watches became perfect pieces for diving because they don’t produce any decompression. Divers can monitor easily the condition of the watches because the table is engraved on the face of the watch. Made of stainless steel, you can really appreciate the built of watches. With the orange dial and bold white numerals, time keeping is discernible even down into the sea.

At first, Doxa only produced watches for general use. It was in 1967 when they realized the great need for diver watches. They created their own version of Swiss diving timepieces. The company has collaborated with the US divers in order to bring a piece that would suit their needs. All pieces are also made with expert craftsmanship and bear the high grade of Doxa. Every release of Doxa’s pieces really makes a mark on the history of watch lovers. The company has fulfilled their great skill in making such one of a kind watches be it for any use.

You can choose from among many models of Doxa watches. These include Sub 800T, 5000T, 1200T, 750T-GMT, 600T-Graph and others. You can easily be directed to the watch that would be appropriate for your need and the style you desire. Visit the site’s collection page at http://www.doxawatches.com/collection.htm.

Doxa_watchMost watches come in few pieces only. This is to maintain the exclusivity of watches. Once you’ve found the professional piece you want, better get them because Doxa watches often run out of stocks. Many watch lovers and adventurers choose them over other brands because they are already proven to last long and durable. Their built is strong enough to resist pressure and other factors under water. All are built from stainless steel and are water resistant up to 5000 feet. No other watch brands could reach deep down below. They’re really professional watches that can make diving experience more exciting.
If you’re looking for Doxa watches, better get them at retail outlets affiliated by the company. You can guarantee their authenticity and be able to get warranty. You can also purchase online through their website. Doxa watches are priced affordably and just right for their quality and function. In terms of diving experience, you simply need to get high performing watches. With ordinary and poor standard ones, you’ll just be wasting your money for they easily get broken. With Doxa, you can forever depend on them.

Donald W. Corson

Donald_W._CorsonThese modern days everything are created to be fast and easy. Donald W. Corson revolutionizes in the craftmanship of watches. With the availability of machines in making watches, he decided to make his own works by hand. It was in 2004 that Corson discovered he has the innate skill in creating timepieces. He researched on the best components to use in order to be part of his watches. At first he has used available movements but later on made his own. He also created his case and dial making the watches exclusively hand made.

Corson has spent several months in creating pieces. It took him 6 months to finsih his movement. Although he was not a trained watch maker, he was truly an engineer for having to figure out on his own the best timepiece. In 2007, he finished creating Watch Nr. 2. It takes him a year to finish one model. He has only made such extraordinary watches with rare designs and complex movements.

Corson doesn’t ask help from others. He’s really hands on when creating his pieces. The processes in producing watches are being followed. First, he works on the plates. He prepares them for attachment. He then assembles them out with other gears. He puts on the screws to join components together. Extra gears are cut to get rid of extra metals. This promotes perfect fit. He polishes them well after. The case and dial are worked on then attached to the gears. He adds the details to the design he likes and refine them.

Watches are created for everyday use. It’s just nice to have a watch you can rely on everyday for time and would last for a long time. One famous model of Corson is the Dresden. This watch is inspired by a watch in 1807. All components are created by Corson out of steel and brass. 18 karat gold is utilized in making the plate. To complete the look, crocodile skin leather is attached to it. Corson guarantees that all watches could really last a lifetime. He repairs watches and maintain them in good condition. You can check more of the company and other models by visiting their site at http://www.corson.ch/indexmain.html .

Donald_W._Corson_watchOne latest model of Corson is the UFO-Tourbillon. On the dial, you can see the movement on the upper left. In every minute, it turns like a space ship. The look is very classy and clean. With black leather strap, titanium metal makes it good looking. Titanium has great durability and lightweightness. You can really fully enjoy timekeeping with this watch. You’re unique for having such rare watch.

What’s great with Donald W. Corson watches is you could own a piece with no person the same as yours. You can easily contact Corson, explain the model you have in mind and he’ll make it for you. You get the best quality personalized watch that would go with your everyday life. Watches are sold at a very affordable price you can afford. You can also add designs to the watches making them luxurious. You can choose from precious stones, minerals and gems. Contact Corson at don@corson.ch.


DolphinThe Dolphin watch company was established in 2005. The company has been creating Swiss chronographs for those who enjoy diving and water adventures. They could have a watch that are of good performance which can work several meters down. Watches are made with great complexity maintaing exclusivity among watches. With traditional watch making, you get high quality standard watches.

The first collection of Dolphin is the Nuclear Warships. It took several months for the team of watchmakers and designers to create such complicated watch. All watches, including the first models have COSC certificate authenticating that they’re chronographs. These made the company famous because of their functional watches with modern designs. They also look appealing because of the colors incorporated into the watch. The first collection has several models. You can check them out at the company’s official website at http://www.dolphin-watches.com .

The second collection is the GMT Mistral. This consists of watches with classic bold designs. Like other watches, all pieces are made from stainless steel. GMT Mistral has a black dial with luminous hour markers and hand. You can easily tell time with its color. Even if you’re hundreds of meter below, you can still easily keep track with time. They are bold enough to make a statement and look sophisticated with every wear.

Dolphin watches are are only made with the finest materials. This is a must since materials keep them in good condition to resist greater pressure. They are all automatic with basic functions. Other models are chronographs providing you with added function. All are powered by Swiss ETA 2893-2 movement. They are tightly screwed to keep parts together at any condition. Only sapphire crystal is used to protect the dial. Watches can go down up to 300 meters. The company has tested its water resistant to guarantee customers that they are usable during their water trips. To provide the complete look, watches may come in rubber, stainless steel or genuine leather.

Dolphin_watchThe company has created more models to suite the taste clients. Watches are made for men and women so they would have a perfect watch to accompany them go diving. Dolphin watches have excellent performance that even professionals in the maritime and navy use them. One of its latest model is the 58eme Regiment. The collection is classy and elegant with sporty look. Its outstanding feature is that the hands are glowing in the dark. Watches come in black leather that provide a comfortable and strong fit.

On your next diving experience or the next time you hit the waters, have an outstanding watch you can wear anytime and with great resistance. Time is of the essence and you can be informed with great accuracy only by Dolphin watches. They are priced affordably so many people could own. You can visit http://www.michaelwatch.com/chronos.html. Check on their available models of watches. You have several of styles to choose from so you could be stylish while on land and water. These watches really do last long and they’re worthy to be invested on. There are several sitse online that sell them. You can also purchase on their official site for limited edition and new models.


DievasDievas is a private company producing the finest timepieces. They manufacture exclusive watches for those who are enthusiastic about watches. The company was established in 2006 and has then on made a good reputation. Watches were known to embody beautiful designs with excellent functioning making them reliable at all times. Every piece is innovatively created bring the modern timepiece to man.

The company has carefully selected its members. The best people are hired for them to only bring out the best watches. Well-known and reputable group of designers are part of the company making every piece such unique piece. When you get a Dievas watch, you have timepiece that’s none like other. Watches are just striking with classy and sophisticated designs. Quality is assured and controlled at all times so as not to compromise the whole production of watches.

Dievas watches are only made also of the best materials gathered from credible sources around the world. Every piece is guaranteed to be flawlessly made. Stainless steel is used in making the bracelets and the case. Excellent sapphire crystal glass covers the dial preventing any scratch and break. All watches are run by mechanical and automatic Swiss movements. You can only get the most accurate time from them. To facilitate time reading, especially with low light, Superluminova helps you view the hands and numerals.

Watches are highly functional pieces suited to your adventure. They are specifically special watches that can go beyond simple time telling. Their endurance and robustness help them keep up with extremes in movement, environment, temperature and condition. Their looks are made to be classy and functional. Less is more with Dievas. You can’t easily have a full grasp of time when there are so many things happening on the watch. The classic looks simply make them beautiful.

Dievas_watchThere are three main collections of Dievas, Professional Diver, Tactic and Vintage. For those who love to go beneath the seas, the first collection is for you. These are best for people who engage in any sports activities. They are water resistant at a deeper depth and with great resistance to pressure. The Tactical watches are military inspired watches. Men can get them and be happy with the watches’ design and comfort. The Vintage watch symbolizes history of the company. Minimalism is also spoken by the vintage line. Every collection of Dievas has several models that you can choose from. Visit their official website to learn more at http://www.dievaswatches.com.

Why get other watches when everything you need is with Dievas? Dievas watches truly are all about excellence, performance and design. They are made to fulfill the function of what they’re made to do. They will never disappoint the owner with their features and function. Watches can be bought in several countries around the world. Watches have been known because of their fine quality making them provide access to clients. Every model comes in limited number to guarantee the exclusivity of each piece. When you bought something, it’s near to impossible to come across someone with the same design as you. Go with Dievas and you’ll be diving down into the sea and still in touch with time.


DieselRenzo Rosso had the idea to create a clothing company. In 1978, he founded Diesel who took the lead in producing high quality clothes. The company was a hit to the younger generations because of clothing’s style. They range from urban to hip with classic pieces available. Rosso, then, designed accessories to go with the clothing and include watches.


Diesel makes use of innovative technology in creating its pieces. It guarantees that all designs are world class and are expressions of the designer’s passion for fashion. Various styles are released to give the public variety in the design they’re looking for. From just a small clothing company, it immediately expanded all over the world bringing urban class to the young ones.


Every Diesel watch is designed to stand out and be different. Watches are not designed fast just as so the company could have a new design. All creations are carefully though by the designer and just sprouted out of his expertise in the industry. Diesel watches are for those who want to stand out and are creative enough to wear a piece that would reflect their personality. You can pair the watch with any outfit and they will all go well because of their versatility. You never can imagine how each piece is wonderfully and exceptionally created. All these are available due to
You can choose among various styles of Diesel watches. There are contemporary pieces for those who want to be modern and vintage ones for the retro styles. They come in digital and analog watches whichever you prefer to own.


There are even classic and elegant ones for those who want to use them in special occasions. All ranges of styles are catered by Diesel because the company knows the diversity of people’s lifestyle. Once in a while they update their collection so as to spark the interest of clients. You can check out their catalogue of watches at http://store.dieseltimeframes.com. They come in several colors in which you can choose from to go with your everyday wear.


Diesel watches are created also to be of good quality. The company can’t make pieces that look stylish yet would not even last long. Watches are made from various materials such as stainless steel and ceramic. They are also durable which make them good for daily wearing. There are pieces made of aluminum too and others come in gold plated cases. Diesel watches are sold very affordably. They range from $100-300 depending on the style and material used. You can check several online sites for their great deals of watches. Visit http://www.watchismo.com/diesel-franchise-watches.aspx.


Diesel_watchIf you want to be in at a cost you can afford and have the design of an international figure, Diesel watches will totally satisfy you. Visit their several stores now and come to them. You can get them at a price you really can afford. You can get most of their edgy styles and upon wearing them feels just comfortable. Watches look good and can provide you with exact time wherever you go.

Ocean7 Watch

Ocean7_WatchThe Ocean7 watch is the sole diving watch ever made that has a transposable bezel mechanism. Several watches are made from cold carbon hardened steel and coated with PVD that are thrice sturdier than unrefined stainless steel. The Ocean7 Watch Company is a new Swiss company that brings forth their purpose of providing divers with high quality, efficient, useful and affordable watches.

These are not just ordinary timepieces. New designs are carefully made to bring consumers class, style and flavor. They sell online for consumers to enable direct transactions. There are only few outlets where people can get a hold of their watches. Since the company is just new to the world of business, direct selling online will enable them to control their prices and maintain the watches’ affordability. This way they can get away with retail gains when opening a watch store. Online transactions are just so easy. Return or exchange policy is just lenient provided that transactions are made within three days.


Ocean7 watches are bound to have low prices compared to other watches because they would want consumers to afford them. They are not only produced for sports enthusiasts but also for people who would want a sporty look in their get-up.
All watches have one common theme. The hour hand is distinctively short while the minute hand is outsized. This may obscure other people but when during under water, the appearance of having these sizes will enable the diver to see clearly the time. When used for any outfit, the watch makes a bold statement. Many find it advantageous because they can easily know the time.


As it is a high quality watch, prices are really higher compared to other designer and fine watches. When compared to other diving watches, Ocean7 is much cheaper. With regards to the quality, there is no question. Switzerland is known for making superior watches that are durable. Ocean7 didn’t defeat this record. The company ensured that watch parts are heavy-duty and efficient. As of now, the priciest watch is the LM-2C. It costs around $ 1600. Its chronograph is made of titanium and with Valjoux 7750 which is automatic.


Ocean7_Watch_blackMany people are fond of the design of the watch. The bracelet size may be 22-24 mm. The ends of the bracelet are widened which makes the watch look remarkable. It has also five links which make it more comfortable when used. Cheaper watches have fewer links making them stiff and rigid.


The watchband may be made from steel, titanium, rubber or silicon. These materials make the watch lightweight. When used under water, they don’t add weight to the diver. Newer watches are made from ceramic. One model is LM-4. It looks plainly simple yet contemporary. As you can observe several models are asymmetrical and edgy. The only round curve is at the center of the dial. Well-loved models are PVD coated and with black dials. All come in sapphire crystal that are very hard-wearing.
So for your next diving experience, bring Omega7 and be updated with time underwater. You can see clearly the dial because of its clear luminosity. If you just want a sporty accent on your arm, you can never go wrong with this excellent time piece.

Kenneth Cole Watch

Kenneth_Cole_Watch_blackWhen you hear of the word Kenneth Cole, what pops into your mind is an array of well-designed quality fashion and accessories. Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. is a New York company that started from a collection of shoes in 1982. It was founded, as the name suggests, by Kenneth Cole. His recognition started during market week in New York to display his collection of shoes. From then on, success was kind to him and he was able to have five lines up to this time.


Kenneth Cole revolves around the five lines that are priced distinctively. These lines include Kenneth Cole New York, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Kenneth Cole Unlisted, Gentle Souls and Tribeca.


Different lines are made to cater the different needs of consumers. Kenneth Cole New York is considered a high end array. They cater to both men and women expensive and voguish designs. Watches may belong to the New York or Reaction category. Kenneth Cole Reaction sells inexpensive items for daily use. With the Unlisted, cheap finds are made available for people who are into fashion and quality. This is the cheapest line of Kenneth Cole. Gentle Souls provide women with quality and comfortable shoes. They are modernly designed to add zing to any outfit. Tribeca is the recent line of Kenneth Cole that bring fashionistas adorable shoes made from colorful fabrics and shapes. They are comfortable as well and perfect for ladies who just want to have fun and try something new.


Kenneth Cole watches are amusingly chic and affordable. Styles vary depending on their use. Timepieces come in classic, sophisticated, casual and sporty designs. They are great presents for your loved ones. They can be used in any occasion.


Kenneth_Cole_WatchWhatever size you are Kenneth Cole will give you the perfect watch suited for your body. They come in various styles, colors and materials used. Most of the watch cases are made from stainless steel. The dial may be digital, in Roman numerals, numbers or lines. Watch bands also come in a series of leather, metal or colorful fabrics.


All around design comes in classic and sleek look. They are perfect for any clothing and occasion. They are classy and alluring. You can choose watches with additional feature of date. All watches are water resistant and have steel back cover.


One recent release is the Super Sleek Collection. They are mainly for her. This collection is very elegant with silver dial and black strap made from leather. Bracelet bands really look sophisticated and clean. They are great for formal gatherings. Other collection has a business look. They are smarty and add to the professional façade. You are informed with the time for your next meeting or appointment and at the same time look fashionable.


Kenneth Cole’s success in the world of fashion and business can’t be halted. It’s one company that fuses style and quality as one. They know the needs of their customers by providing them with five lines to choose from depending on their needs. Kenneth Cole’s style is just exceptional making them stand out from others. They have great pieces that range from low to high end and could really suit each individual’s personality.


Dodane 1857

Dodane 1857 is the famous watch company that was established in 1857. It was made possible by Alphonse Dodane. He belonged to the 5th generation of watch makers. Alphonse has carried on the tradition of quality watch making up to the present. At first, the company has created simple wristwatches during the war. Later on, they have expanded into making world-famous chronographs for pilots. Pilots were able to own such high performance watches that would keep them attuned with time while on air.


The company has become the great supplier of chronographs to government defenders and soldiers. Dodane 1857 was really trusted to be the maker of excellently functional wrist watches. They are strong enough to be even brought in the battlefield. All these were made possible by the creator’s great skill and expertise when it comes to watches.


One of the company’s famous products is the Type 21. This was the collection of watches provided to the Airforce of France. They were provided since the 1960s until now. With the watches’ exceptional performance, pilots and other professionals of various fields have come to be fond of them. The company has expanded over France and became known all over the world. The Type 21 watches are easily readable pieces. They are designed to be simple yet big enough so time telling is made fast and accurate. They come in rugged and casual design that are perfect to hold in every wrist. All watches are guaranteed to be precise and accurate in time telling. Although the company is a French one, all pieces are Swiss made for ultimate performance. You can visit their official website at http://www.dodane1857.com


Watches are made only of the finest materials. Stainless steel is utilized in making the case. Valjoux 7750 movement is used to power most pieces. Dodane 1857 ensures that they would work with great pressure and shock. Sapphire crystal is used for stronger protection to the dial. For easy reading even in dark areas, hands and numbers are luminous. They are all water resistant up to 100 meters. You can visit http://pilotswatches.co.uk/dodane.htm fore other specifications and features of watches.


Dodane_1857With Dodane watches, go get quality pieces just the same as those high positioned officers in need of a well-equipped watch. Even if you’re just an ordinary professional, you can own a piece that would never let you down in terms of quality and function. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you get the lead of having a robust and reliable watch.


Own such exquisite and high quality watch now. If soldiers and pilots could depend on them, you can too. They are sold at very reasonable prices so people who are in favor of them could afford. Their looks are just wonderful. With the genuine leather strap, you could always get the perfect and comfortable fit. You can search online for sites that offer them at very good deals. You can visit http://www.watchuseek.com/site/dodane1857_shop.htm. They sell various high end watches and you could get a cheaper Dodane watch.